Wood Window Blinds Give Way to Faux Wood Blinds

The twenty second century does not harbour the same thinking as the past; changes have taken place in all aspects of life including the idea of style. Style; be it of an individual or a reflection of own self, i.e. The abode, has undergone a sea change by marrying the concepts of function and fashion.

Right from the structure of buildings, to its interior, has risen over mere usefulness, the elegant and convenient now come together under the same roof. The window curtains have been replaced by blinds, which are multifunctional. They provide privacy, ventilation, and control in the admission of natural light as well as a chic look to the interiors.

You could choose from the vertical and horizontal forms of blinds, in which the slats or panels are arranged in the mentioned patterns. Though the forms of blinds may only be two yet the material with which they are made now cover a vast range. Right from wood like bamboo or hard wood to fabric ranging from cotton, wool, and silk; to metal like aluminum, and even grass and reeds are used to manufacture blinds.

Artificial and synthetic material such as Faux wood, which is a combination of vinyl and hardwood, is yet another material used in the making of these much useful blinds. As opposed to the heaviness of wood, faux wood is way lighter and rather cheap in terms of its price.

Bearing a look similar to wooden blinds, it derives its name as Faux wood. The maintenance and handling of faux wood is much easier than wood. Just a simple dusting and cleaning regularly is sufficient in sustaining the durability of these blinds. You could also arrange for a bath of these embellishments of your house and they would not be affected in the least.

Another distinct feature of these blinds is their look. They fit in with all kinds of contemporary looks and are available in a wide range of hues that you could select from. In fact, you could also get them customized according to the interior decor. Even after being suitable for customization, faux wood is available at thirty percent cheaper than wood.

Installing these blinds might seem easy, but always call a professional to ensure doing it best. You need to decide on the size that fits your windows and where do you wish to have them installed, whether on the outside or within the framework of the window. The sizes in which the faux wood blinds are available fit snugly and comfortably into any window type.

These blinds come with head rails which make their installation rather quick and easy. Their smooth running and operation of opening and closing these blinds, is aided by the wands that are attached to the sides. So you see, there are reasons enough for people to want to replace the wooden, more expensive and difficult to maintain blinds with the cost effective, more durable and trendy looking faux wood blinds, to suit the ambiance of your reflection – your house.

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