Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Brain fog, mental block, absent mindedness, mental hijack–are these words synonymous to your mental state, most of the time? Or maybe you just feel like you’re not as smart as others, unable to use your brain to keep up with some basic problem solving. Don’t worry you’re not alone, that’s how most of us feel unless we’re Albert Einstein, or Stephen Hawking. But we’re not, just ordinary people with a normal IQs willing to be among the smart.

Even if not that, we all want our brains to be sharp and be swift when it comes to finding answers and solutions to problems. Most people look for a miracle to happen not realizing that there may be many factors which are contributing in decreasing your brain’s capacity to hold information or to respond in tactical situations. Here are some ways you can boost your brain’s vitality.

You really are what you eat

No one can deny the truth this adage holds for your food really is what makes your mind body and soul. Some people complain about their brain not being as responsive, what they tend to ignore is their eating habits, which are directly influencing their brain activity. People who consume junk food, simple sugar, Trans fats on a regular or more than needed basis are more prone to brain slowness. Studies show that children who regularly eat at fast food restaurants have been observed to score low in their tests as compared to those who are occasional fast food eaters.

So which foods make you smarter? The answer would be: all things natural, berries, almonds, avocados, eggs, olives, fish, veggies and foods rich in antioxidants, good fats, nutrients and proteins. Drink lots and lots of water and fresh juices. A healthy and balanced diet is not just good for your neurological health but is good for your overall wellbeing, specifically for the health of your heart. Make sure you start your day with a healthy breakfast to provide your brain with its needed amount of energy to perform throughout the day.

Sleep tight to make your brain fight

One rule which should never be forgotten is: never compromise on your sleep; nothing should stop you from getting a good night’s sleep, which is: 7 to 8 hours every night. Your cognitive ability is heavily dependent on uninterrupted sleep for 7 till 8 hours. During sleep your brain functions in storing memory of whatever information you’ve acquired through the day. Consistent nocturnal cycles are responsible in keeping your brain and body functioning their natural way and preserve memory.

Naps during the day can also help in sharpening your brain and keep it recharged. We understand the pressure upon students to meet with their tough schedule or constant stressors and worries like paying the bills, loan repayments or work stress but all if all of this is reducing your sleep time or turning you insomniac then you’re just adding more to your worries. If you’re really having trouble sleeping, then better not ignore the problem and seek medical help.

Workout for your brain

Brain fog

Your brain needs something challenging every day. Yes, challenges might frustrate you but they are good to stimulate your brain. Mental agility is not something that cannot just be achieved by doing what you usually does, what’s new in it, what is it that your brain will be learning and utilizing its power? These are the questions one should ask before enslaving their brains to routine. Puzzles, rubric’s cubes, solving problems, quizzes, learning new languages, reading writing, or learning a new instrument, doing the math in your head, recalling past events are all just some exercises you can indulge your brain in.

Add variety to your lifestyle; learn something new every day for optimal brain productivity. Understand your brain, know how it reacts in different situations, what gives you an adrenaline rush, music which helps you perform better and more efficiently, factors that affect your mental state, environment where you work better; all of these things are directly related to your mental stability and knowing about them will help you outperform at many things. Similarly regular physical workout or engaging in some sort of sports is always beneficial for your mind and body. Meditation and yoga are some ways to release stress and calm your nerves, so unplug from all that is distracting you (yes, it most definitely includes all your gadgets) and just calm yourself down for some time.

Your brain is the most crucial organ of your body and you should make efforts to keep it healthy, not just for the sake of intelligence but to minimize risks of mental problems. These actions are will not just make your brain sharp but your heart healthy too. Your lifestyle plays a major role in improving mental longevity. Stay smart!

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