Worthy Tips for Traveling To India First Time, Things to Remember

Things you should always keep in mind to enjoy your trip to India properly

India is vast, surprising, and filled with culture. It’s loaded up with hues, design, and history. The nation has exceptional customs and offers mouth-watering cuisines. In case you already visit India or planning for visiting India sooner or later, I’ve assembled a rundown of things you ought to know about to make your trip more soothing and less hectic.

There are many vacationers visit India consistently and applause its magnificence. On the off chance that you are intending to visit India it is recommended to pack some additional baggage as it certainly requires more spell to visit premium areas of India. All things considered, don’t stress over your extra baggage as there are numerous trustworthy cargo companies who offer the facility of protected and swift cargo to India. Here are a couple of worthy traveling tips which without a doubt will be useful all through your trip to India.

Try not to use tap water and street food

This is guaranteed. Indian cuisines are the yummiest thing you ever taste in your whole life however in case you try street food you are at risk and most likely going to become sick. India is one of those countries who does not have clean and safe drinking water. It is suggested to carry a filter water bottle along with yourself. Indian spices and water can spoil your pleasurable trip to India.

You should know about the pollution in India

It is a bitter reality, a country who has stunning history, amazing stories, and ancient buildings is also on the list of most polluted countries. It is suggested to carry a face mask or scarf during your trip to India as it is not easy to wandering around with bear face at all. There is dust, smog, and traffic smoke in every city which probably affect you badly. Also, carry a good face wash or makeup remover with you as this smoke and smog can cause breakouts to your skin.

Dress appropriately

In specific cities and places in India, you need to realize when to conceal your body. India has a diverse culture with various ethics. No matter you are local or outsider, you need to regard the principles in case you’re visiting a temple or some other holy place or on the off chance any other tourist spot. Always wear appropriate clothes before going out. If you are a female traveller it is suggested to cover your legs, chest, and arms properly. Though India is an advanced state there are still many people who are not as bold as many Indians are.

Be careful if you are a female traveller, especially if you are traveling alone

As an outsider, you’re possibly going to get weird looks. Don’t take it seriously just cover yourself properly. In an old-fashioned country, many men aren’t used to for the tank tops and shorts. Unfortunately, India has been detailing a lot of assault and rape cases. Try to be safe by covering your maximum body parts. Good and bad persons are always part of our society from start. There is no need to hesitate to go anywhere but keep it in mind you are the first one who saves yourself from problems.

Always use ladies compartment in the train

In case you’re a female traveller and going on the Delhi Metro, or the Mumbai Local or some other train, you should always use the compartment held for ladies, specifically at surge hour. It is not like that public transport is not safe but using ladies compartment could save you from staring, groping and pushes moreover when there are ladies compartments than why travel in the male side? While the Mumbai trains have special female compartments, the first coach of all Delhi Metro train is held for ladies. The Kolkata Metro has assigned seats for ladies.

Always carry power bank along with you

Having a cell phone with you consistently is necessary not only for emergency calls but also for exploring ways and routes through GPS as well. Some of the time auto-rickshaws and cabbies take you on unfamiliar ways, and that is when GPS is vital to confirm you that you are on the correct route. Make it confirm that your cell phone does not go out of the battery. Before leaving your room it is necessary to fully charge your cell phone. And for backup keep a power bank with you throughout the time.

Figure out how to say “NO”

Cab drivers, rickshaw drivers, hawkers, and tour guides will come at you and forcefully try to sell their stuff and services to you, this is the time when you have to say NO to all unwanted stuff and services. Confidently saying “no” without being harsh is the smoothest way to overcome this annoying situation. Always try to be confident and make your tone and body language calm rather than confused and bothered. The more panicked you look, the more they are going to stalk you. Being completely impolite can also create problems for you.

Try not to Wear Your Shoe Inside

It is a great habit to take your shoes off before entering anybody’s home, and it’s essential before entering a sanctuary, mosque or shrine. Indians will regularly wear shoes inside their homes, for example, when setting off to the restroom. Be that as it may, these shoes are only for household usage and never worn outside. On the off chance if you see shoes on the entrance of any house, shop or place it is good to take yours off also.

Emergency contact numbers

Keep the details of the nearby police station. There are many cities who have special and separate helplines for solo female travellers. It is essential to know that what to do and with whom to be in contact in case of emergency. You should have numbers of the local police station, public transport helplines and mention emergency contact numbers in your cell phone as well as on writing pad which always should be in your bag. There are many mobile apps which are really helpful for female travellers.

Should be good in bargaining

Try not to get scared of being an outsider. When going to road markets or shops, bargaining is normal in India. Merchants will regularly give you high price first reasoning that you’re ‘outside’ and that you’re not going to know its value. Give negotiating a shot. There is no need to hesitate at all as bargaining is your right.

Punctuality is like a dream in India

Indians have a superpower of stretching the time. Yes, it is true. In India the meaning of “In a minute” is wait for me, let me finish my work first after that I will think what to do and will join you in an hour. Not kidding it is a reality. There are two types of time in India. One is the international standard time system while the second is the Indian local time system and theory. In the west, it’s regarded as impolite to be late, and anything over 10 minutes requires a telephone call while in India, the idea of time is adaptable. No matter you are at the funeral, wedding, for a general meeting or waiting for your bus or train at the station. No one will be on time ever. Keep it in mind if you are going to wait for someone.

Maintain a reasonable space from strangers

Always maintain a reasonable space from strangers, no matter how harmless or innocent they look. Many individuals use teenagers to commit wrongdoings as they look less harmful and on the off chance if they get captured, the punishments they get are significantly lesser as compare to the older ones. In a disgraceful case in October 2017, three underage young boys were among five captured for mugging a Swiss couple in FatehpurSikri, close to Agra. A contention had resulted after the boys requested a selfie with the lady.

Get a good local mobile connection

In India, it’s not simple to find Wi-Fi availability. That is the reason for getting a local mobile phone connection (sim card) ought to be a need in order to get a valid and proper internet connection throughout your trip to India. While purchasing a connection keep it in mind about its efficiency in rural areas as well. You know well where you want to go to India, check connections signal stability in those areas before purchasing it.

The Traffic is Insane

Many Indians think that the red, yellow and green traffic lights are for the decoration of roads. While driving you are getting bored and all of the sudden you saw a yellow light turning into red and you feel like oh my God what a beauty, well I am getting late so I will watch it in the evening again, but still it WAO.

It is not like no one does care about traffic signals but there are more than many who do not bother traffic rules and signals at all. Driving in Kashmir and different urban areas like Lucknow, Aligarh, and Meerut is surprisingly more terrible. People do not care about indicating while driving, they do not care about rules while overtaking you, they never use horn appropriately and more importantly they use brake only in front of their destinations. If you are going to cross the road, do it on your own risk because it is your responsibility to avoid hitting by bikes, cars, rickshaws and even by busses. Traffic in big cities of India is seriously insane.

Personal space, RIP

Congestion and shortage of assets lead to a ton of shoving and thrusting in India. In the event that there is a line, people will try to hop it to be at the starting point. To avoid it all those who are in line tries to stand not next to you but as close as touching each other. It is not good neither comfortable at all but it is a reality. You will see such scenes so many time during your trip to India. It can feel alarming at first, yet it’s important to keep individuals from cutting in.

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