The Most Luxurious Marrakech Desert Camps

Not every desert camp is luxurious but the majestic and beautiful deserts in Marrakech give amazing experience. Desert camps in this city provide a vast place where there are tranquility and luxury. Here you will free your soul from workload that have accumulated over time and embrace the bright and clear desert skies full twinkling stars and a ground with raised sand dunes.

The luxury Marrakech desert camps have a lot to offer. The camel riding is amazing and climbing over the dunes on a camel’s back is such a unique experience. Just as the guides are knowledgeable to all the desert features and landforms, the camels of Marrakech are adapted to the desert experience and strive to make their riders happy.

The Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp

The leading desert camp is the Merzouga luxury camp that receives maximum number of visitors every season. This camp has about five (5) tents that are well equipped with handicraft furniture common with the nomadic lifestyle. The nights in the deserts are usually cold, the tents are also equipped with warm materials to keep off the cold, and the desert fires help to keep the wild animals away.

Merzouga is one of the best luxury Marrakech desert camps which visitors regard as an amazing place to stay overnight in the desert. Important meetings can also be held successfully in this camp and incentives are available on demand.

If you are a group of friends looking for unlimited space that will provide you with close friendly atmosphere, or a couple in need of an isolated romantic field, Merzouga is the best choice for you. This luxury desert camp is usually a destination for travelers with unique passions and interests. Even the just married couples come here for a desert honeymoon where they will contemplate on the magnificent sunset and sunrise created by the romantic sphere of the desert.

Which Are The Best Desert Trips In Morocco?

Groups of deserts that form the attractive sites and landforms of the country cover Morocco. Anyone visiting morocco for the first time would think that nothing is interesting. However, apart from the luxury Marrakech desert camps that are known throughout the west and North Africa, several desert trips for Morocco’s guests include the following.

  • Fes desert trip
  • Marrakech desert trip
  • Ouarzazate desert trip
  • Casablanca desert trip
  • Tanger desert trip
  • Agadir desert trip

These desert trips are enjoyable and provide you with the best desert life experience.

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