Small Spaces Interior Design Tips and Ideas

If you have a home that doesn’t exactly have all that much space you can enjoy, then you are likely already aware of how annoying that can be for many reasons. There are many limitations a design like that forces us to accept due to having no choice, so we often need to learn to adapt to them as best as we can. Thankfully, there are many ways we can adapt our environment to our needs, even in such a situation. The following tips will give you more ideas you can use to make that happen and to improve the already limited space available to you:

  • You should do your best to look for ways you can fool the eye by using lighter shades of colors, since they will allow you to make your rooms seem bigger than they are already. Dark places often feel like a cave, so you would really benefit from such a setup, allowing you to stay away from the usual unpleasant and claustrophobic feel of darker hues in small environments. Although it won’t save the problem and it won’t make your home larger, it will still mitigate the issue up to a point, allowing you to handle the rest of the interior design solutions with greater ease. Do keep in mind that lighter shades of colors will eventually wear out more easily, so you will need to consider cleaning your walls every so often or even repainting them if that happens over the course of time.
  • You may also use a number of items to break the monotonous look of a room once you setup your belongings inside. These will have to be used sparingly, as you really don’t want to make the rooms feel even more cramped as a result of decorations. A simple table lamp in a kitchen may seem out of place, but it could create its own unique touch upon the kitchen itself. Having small spaces means you can still avoid traditional design solutions if you feel the need to, allowing you to handle the situation with greater ease instead of sticking to something that would only make your home look like any other one out there. Trust your inner creativity and do your best to find a way to improve what you already have inside your home.
  • Since you have limited space to work with, you would do well to find multiple uses of the furniture pieces you already have as well as the space you have available too. A customized set of furniture would allow you to take control of your interior environment, using every nook and cranny and allowing some degree of freedom in a small home. It will let you deal with things with far greater flexibility than what you could find in your local furniture store. Having a multifunctional piece of furniture will give you the freedom you need. Make sure you pay close attention to materials as well, since they will mean a great deal when you deal with upholstery cleaning further down the line.
  • You should also avoid using coffee tables if you can, since they will usually take up much needed space you could use for other purposes. Side tables on wheels would work wonders, especially if they happen to be of the folding type. That way you can have the space you need and the furniture pieces to go with it without losing any. Look for customized ones if you have specific needs or look online for potential ones that could get the job done. Having a carpenter helping you out would also be a great solution since they can look at the inside of your home and take measurements so your furniture can fit the area better.
  • You can also work on extending the rooms you have to make them appear larger. You can do this fairly easily, such as carefully removing walls, using glass walls or using a curtain or curtains to give and take away privacy. This should work pretty well with a kitchen, as well as other areas. This can be done fairly easily in the kitchen, as well as other areas that allow such an approach, giving you a chance to fool the eye into believing there is more space than there already is.
  • You should also pay close attention to storage and how you can improve it in a more practical way. Whether you go with traditional solutions to this problem or you look for a more unorthodox one is up to you, but you will need to take advantage of every possible space you have available. A good solution for quick storage can be found with storage ottomans. They allow you to fold them and use them as you see fit, allowing you to deal with floor cleaning and carpet cleaning without having to move too many pieces of furniture.

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