SEO and Web Directories


Search engine optimization is a process in which a website is ranked according to priority on the search engine data base, normally this is done by the appropriate usage of keywords. Search engines works by the correct usage of machine codes and scripts. Earlier this was done manually but as time passed,this work was handed over to highly trusted and related algorithms and now all large search engines are algorithm based.

Web Directories

Directories use an opposite work strategy because they were manually compiled, as a result of which it is obvious that they may take a lot of time and effort when it comes to maintenance. Directories are lists containing various sites lined up categorically.

Web directories are also known as link directories, the names lead us to the understanding of the fact that this is something related to the linking and categorizing of websites. It should be clear while working with web directories that a web directory is not a search engine.

It includes a systemized process of ranking sites but it is not a search engine. Search engine works on the concept of keywords but directories are constructed in such a way that they list the sites on the bases of, categories and sub categories.

  • Now how is the categorization done?
  • On the basis of what are categories surmised?
  • If they are using the,“keyword” concept then on which criteria are the lists made?

These are the questions that come to mind. So the categorizing is not done by focusing on the website as a whole, in this process every web page is focused individually. Categories are not made on the bases of only one web page it is done by focusing on the whole website. While submitting your website to directories you should be very sure that it is placed in the correct category and is according to the directory guidelines. The process of submission may take extra time but it is of great in the long run that your website is categorized correctly.

A single directory link is not at all that important if you have a domain name that is rich in keywords. This will definitely help you have vivid inbound links through the directory listing. So here is an easy way to have a strong linking chain by listing your site to dozens of directories and linking them to high quality and popular sites.

Directory features:

Features of directories in listing with respect to price paid:

Affiliate links:

It’s about paying commission to the directories for the customers who are mentioned in the list of websites.

Submission with no cost:

You don’t have to pay a single penny for your site submission.

Paid submission:

You have to pay a certain amount of charges for listing or reviewing the link.

No follow:

The link is not going to be have strong position means search engine is not going to give it any weight.

Featured listing (sponsored listing):

The link has a premium position in the directory section and in categories.

Bid for position:

It is very much clear from the name that is buying on the basis of bidding, so sites are purchased on the basis of bids.

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