Professionals Working in the Real Estate Field

Real estate is undoubtedly one of the thriving careers which can be pursued successfully without any academic degree and can be started at any point of time. All you need to have is the license for becoming a part of the real estate firms and for that, clearing the exam is the only criteria. Real estate is undoubtedly one of the emerging and evolving sectors representing the country’s economy over a period of time. To be very candid, Indian real estate market is one of the prominent sectors globally contributing to the progress of the country. The real estate sector revolves around the following professionals:

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers are those who plan, decide and finalize on the plots to build buildings which could be residential or commercial properties. They buy lands and ensure that all the legal formalities are done as well as permissions and approvals are granted to develop the land into a housing site. For instance, if you are planning to buy a flats in Noida from a particular developer like Saha Developers, it implies that the buildings have been crafted by this particular developer which may or may not come with certain amenities depending on the inclusions and the way the project has been conceived by them


Real estate builders are also associated with the real estate industry wherein they build houses or apartments. The builders mostly come into scenario once the developers are done with their responsibilities but if required, the developers can also continue tagging themselves with the builder name to ensure that the process of constructing the apartment or the houses goes on smoothly.

Agents / Brokers

Agents or Brokers are the intermediaries between the developers or builders and the end buyer. Agents work in a much wider horizon, wherein they have the liberty to swing to all the aspects of residential or commercial property dealings. They are operational in both rentals and the buy section. Generally the landowners or the developers are in liaison with these professionals to enlist their properties and agents in turn provide them with suitable leads of clientele who are looking for accommodation (both rental and buy)

Home – Valuation Professionals

Before a property is sold, a price needs to be tagged with it. These valuers consider various aspects, inspect the property and come up with a price required to tag to the property. The price should be low enough to be within the affordability range as well as lucrative enough to ensure the movement of the inventory at the earliest


Once the basic formalities and the technicalities are through, the developers and builders try to work out the design of the house. Architects decide the look and feel of the house and the associated society

Real Estate Lawyers/Attorneys

Another important person, who plays a very important role in the process is the real estate lawyer. The Real estate business has lot of legal formalities to be taken care off. Every step has some or the other legal steps involved and can become very inconvenient if those are not handled with tact. Hence, the lawyers take care of all those aspects for smooth functionality and uninterrupted progress of the real estate development.

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