Popular Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Numerous hair loss treatments for men are available in the market. Baldness may be evident in more men and may have a much early onset for some. This is why identifying the effective treatments is important for guys who want to restore their hair to a fuller look.

Minoxidil is a common FDA approved ingredient in popular treatments for re-growing lost hair. Minoxidil has since become the active ingredient for several well know prescription and non-prescription hair loss treatments. This chemical works by reducing DHT levels.

This metabolism of androgen gets involved with the 5 alpha reductase enzyme and combines with the male hormone testosterone. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the product and is the metabolite responsible for hair loss. Minoxidil influences the DHT levels in the bloodstream by allowing the existing hair follicles to grow more hair as it also stimulates the blood vessels in the scalp.

Other popular treatments contain certain vitamins that play key roles in the rejuvenation of the hair. B vitamins are significant in maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin B6, folic acid, and niacin deficiencies are known to contribute to hair loss. Similarly, minerals like zinc and magnesium also prevent hair loss when in adequate levels.

There are also natural approaches to hair loss treatment for men that are included in certain health plans. Herbs are now considered to be an important part of natural hair loss treatment as well. Saw Palmetto, which has shown to be effective in prostate condition, has also revealed to play a role in preventing hair loss.

Research has shown links between consumption of Saw Palmetto and its effectiveness in preventing the metabolic process regarding testosterone and DHT, subsequently helping to prevent hair loss.

Further study is now being done on other herbs for addressing hair loss. There are also non prescription treatments that combine the use of Minoxidil, minerals and herbs to have a fully effective method.

Specific formulations for men regarding these combination treatments are available in the market and properly assessing the contents of such remedies is imperative.

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