Perfume Review: W’eau Sea by Women’s Secret

After the Garden and Sunset editions this W’eau Sea by Women’s Secret is the third fragrance of the W’eau line, launched at the end of 2010 of the American lingerie house.

The focus in all of them is on a fresh and aquatic aroma, also suggested by the vague word game W’eau = WOW and by the shape of the bottle, reminding of a river rock.

In this case the bottom part has a blue color. The fragrance is produced by the Spanish perfume house Idesa parfumes, but there is no mention of this edition and its notes on their website.

The impression after the first whiff is of fruity notes on a base of water (they are neutral fruits, still undefined, and it reminds of the opening of Curious perfume by Britney Spears, although the latter has little or no water in it).

In few minutes, the perfume evolves towards citrus notes, which feel naturally fresh, like the ones in Chanel Allure for men. In the middle phase, after about 30 minutes, the citrus almost disappear in favour of an aromatic mandarin, with the base still being very aquatic, although this time with the extra natural sweetness of the fruits.

Also, a second line of florals appears, with note of lily of the valley, and other soft garden florals. After about three hours, the florals will prevail on the fruits, also becoming more dense and powdery and warmer.

In the final stage, the aroma is dominated by vegetal musk, with residual florals and neutral petals, and almost no citrus left.

Although this fragrance by Women’s Secret keeps the same fresh style of its predecessors, it has a more discreet and daily aroma than its predecessors (the first one in particular). The best use would be by day, whereas for the night it won’t have enough intensity.

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