Kids’ Bedroom Design – Perfect for Playing and Resting

Kids’ bedroom designs are generally different from other bedroom designs in the house. This is because kids have different body structures, behaviors and needs that other bedrooms designed for adults do not address. Therefore, designing kids’ bedrooms require much thought and planning.

Firstly, you need to plan the bedroom design for your little tykes. Little girls and little boys require different needs, however most fundamental elements can be applied to their bedrooms all the same. Therefore, plan on the basics first to ensure that your kids are comfortable in their little castles.

The three basic elements of kids’ bedroom designs are the following. Make sure that you select the right items to obtain the nod.


Little boys and girls may prefer different styles in bedroom furniture but you can take the safe route, particularly if you’re on a budget, and get them basic single beds and bunk beds.

The bedroom space should also be taken into consideration when deciding on the furniture as small spaces will benefit from having bunk beds instead of two separate single beds.

Apart from the bed, little ones will also require their own closets or sliding wardrobes to keep their clothes. Most of the time, they will want to keep some of their knick knacks in them, but it is not a good idea since ants and insects will definitely live in them as well if the knick knacks happen to include food. It is best to provide a separate storage space for your youngsters.

A chest to keep their toys in will also give you less headache when it comes to keeping their rooms tidy. You can even teach them to return their toys inside the chest once playtime is finished.

Since their bedrooms also serve as their playrooms, provide the right storage spaces and furniture to make them comfortable and safe while playing. Instead of wooden chairs, bean bags can replace them to prevent bumps and bruises.


Proper lighting will also give your kids support for their activities inside the bedroom. Provide ample light for reading and play so that they will see everything to prevent bumping into anything or slipping on toys.

During sleep time, a small nightlight will suffice to provide enough light when you sneak into their rooms or when they take trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Once these basics are addressed, it is time to get the opinion of your kids as to the accessories and color of their bedrooms. It is important that they participate to help them learn decision making early on and to ensure that they will love their bedrooms.

Let them select their play area in the bedroom and organize the furniture so as to promote a good space for play and rest. This way, chances are high that they will take care of their rooms and keep them less cluttered.

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