Jersey Barriers – The Way To Make Roads Safer For Driving

The best jersey concrete barriers offer unique opportunities to designers, architects and security personnel. The city planners and architects can think of using the barriers as a decoration on the road and blend it with the urban landscape so as to add aesthetic value besides performing its basic functionalities of traffic management.

Using the property of barriers to create impediments to belligerent traffic, the security personnel can use these urban artifacts to fortify roads and sensitive places, to keep them protected from rushing explosive laden vehicles of terrorists. The manufacturers are thus given more innovative options to enhance the aesthetics of the so called barriers so that they turn out to be decorative pieces in the urban settings.

Barrier design

The design of barriers is driven by its application. There can be some specific design criteria that barriers have to meet to be able to perform the function for which it is made. Barriers are mostly used on roads for creating partition and therefore these are designed to withstand sudden impact from collision.

There are specified standards for designing such barriers depending on whether it is a delta bloc barrier or temporary vehicle crash barrier. Although barriers are usually made from pre-cast concrete for permanent barriers it can also be cast on site.

The pre-cast concrete that is used for making barriers is allowed to cure for 28 days so as to achieve strength of C50 or C60 that can be obtained only from high grade concrete. Steel bars and steel mesh are used in the construction of barriers that are meant to withstand the impact of colliding vehicles. The construction when completed is tested rigorously before declaring the barriers fit for use. The best jersey concrete barriers are usually made in this process.

On the other hand, K-rail barriers, which are used for creating perimeter boundaries, need not be made as strong as Jersey barriers and the steel reinforcements would not be required. These therefore cost less than Jersey barriers.

Basic function

The best jersey concrete barriers were created for optimal traffic management on the highways. These are put up at the middle of highways and act a divider that keeps traffic flowing in opposite direction away from each other. The road is divided into two flanks with a partition of the barriers in between.

Besides separating traffic moving in opposite direction, these barriers are made adequately strong so as to withstand the impact of damage that might be caused by intruding traffic or at the time of accidents. The damage to the vehicle is thus minimized.

The design of the Jersey barriers has a lower slope that is shallow before making its way to the wall. The car’s tires are deflected back towards the road due to the lower slope when it hits the barrier.

In the event of an accident, when the vehicle hits the wall directly the barrier is strong enough to deflect away cars from the flowing traffic. Road safety and barriers have thus become synonymous and an integral part of traffic management.

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