Why We Have Immigration Laws & Naturalization Lawyers

Our country was founded on a nation of immigrants. We often brag about these roots, while at the same time having strong opinions about immigration, and whether we should or should not keep our borders open.

While immigration laws may be making sensations on the news right now, immigration has been debated for decades with little changing one way or another. While it may feel like it is exclusively an American problem right now, the truth is this argument is raging on all over the world, with countries ranging from Japan and France to Canada and England all having their own unique discussions on what to do about immigration.

Despite the number of illegal immigrants that come into countries all around the world, we have immigration laws for a very good reason. It follows that we must also have federally authorized immigration attorneys as well. Here are just a few important facts about the importance of upholiding these laws:

To control who comes in

This is the most obvious reason, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Most immigration laws around the world forbid criminals not of that nation from coming into that country. This is a sensible situation. No one wants to adopt another countries serial killer, nor do we want rapists, car jackers, or kidnappers.

Immigration law forbids these kinds of criminals from coming into the country. If you are confused about someones legal rights to come into this great country, pick up the phone and call a local immigration law firm right away.

To control what diseases come in

All legal immigrants coming into the country need to pass a basic health examination. The exam checks for communicable diseases such as active tuberculosis, infectious syphilis, gonorrhea and infectious leprosy.

This health inspection is designed to protect citizens of the country from suffering from a dangerous outbreak. Recently, HIV infections were removed from the list of diseases that can bar a potential immigrant to the US from entry. The goal of the health inspection isn’t to send away those who need treatment, but to protect the people who are already here.

To reduce the risk of terrorism

While most people who want to immigrate are simply looking for an escape from their own countries, a few immigrate with the goal of doing harm. Excluding potential terrorists helps prevent innocent citizens from dying from bombings and other attacks. While it’s impossible to remove all risk of terrorism, screening for suspicious activity in their backgrounds can help exclude some terrorists before they reach US shores.

To reduce the strain on the labor force

With new immigrants come new people looking for jobs. Most of the time, this is beneficial. Sometimes, there are a surplus of people looking for the same types of jobs. When this happens, new immigrants can compete with citizens who are already here.

Controlling the flow of workers can help ensure that the people who are already here have jobs, while also making sure there are enough people for jobs that are left open.

Immigration laws help keep the country safe, while still allowing healthy people who want to live the American dream a chance. As we change and grow as a country, immigration laws may change in order to reflect our new views, but these core values should always stay the same.





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