How to Wear Pearls at School: A Styling Guide

This school year is right around the corner and you are probably not sure whether you should be excited or dreading it. You wish you could make summer last forever, but you are also really looking forward to catching up with your friends and finding out what’s new. If you are feeling a bit nostalgic about summer slipping away between your fingers, we will give you a reason to smile and embrace the new chapter in your life that is to come. As girls, one of the reasons why we love school is dressing up and showing off our cute outfits (sometimes we do not admit it, but let’s face it, we all know that it’s true).

An essential part of any successful outfit is the accessories. If chosen wisely and matched accordingly, a simple piece of jewelry can make your entire outfit come to life. We know that you love all sorts of beads and metal jewelry, but believe me girls, nothing compares to just pearls. These impressive pieces of jewelry are a must-have for any chic young woman, and they are not as expensive as you may think they are. Online shops sell pieces of pearl jewelry for up to 80% off their retail price, so take that into consideration. Check out a few ways in which you can wear pearls at school and have fun picking out those outfits!

Denim Shirt & Pearl Choker

In 2015, it’s all about denim shirts. Button one way up to the top and choose a sleek pearl choker to rest on the base of your collar bone for a super sweet and stylish effect.

Plaid Shirt & Matinee Length Pearl Necklace

Together with denim shirts, plaid shirts are definitely a must have for school outfits. Grab a classic lumberjack print plaid shirt and spice it up with a matinee length pearl necklace that falls right about down to your sternum.

Tank, Blazer & Princess Length Pearl Necklace

You want to look sharp at school, so consider taking a slim fit, well tailored blazer, wearing a white tank top under it and dazzling it all up with a princess length pearl necklace (about an inch or two below your collar bone).

Turtleneck & Pearl Studs + Opera Length Pearl Necklace

Get creative with your simple black turtle neck and make it shimmer it with a pair of white freshwater or Japanese Akoya pearl studs, matched with an opera length pearl necklace (around the level of your breasts).

Cardigan & Pearl Jewelry Set

We all have a cute and classy cardigan in our closet, so take yours and glam it up with an entire pearl set, containing a necklace, bracelet and earrings. You can choose from different colors like white, pink, lavender, black or gold, so see which one suits your personality the best.

¾ Sleeve Dress & Pearl Bracelet

If you want to make a classy presence at school, wear a stylish ¾ sleeve dress and deck it off with a flawless pearl bracelet.

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