How to Prepare the Chaga Mushroom

The chaga mushroom has some folk medical properties and it provides high-potency in order to preserve the components of mushroom which is benefit for the health. Even though the mushroom has some pharmaceutical qualities in the medicine and it helps to cure the fungus slowly and it plays important role in various treatment of ailments.

Though there is no research has been conduct on human population but it is used as the remedy of cancer but it is very low effectiveness in the treatment.

The chaga mushroom has high benefits in the nutrients and the extraction process is very useful to store the mushroom for long period. The decoctions or tinctures can be prepared in simple and easiest way and the step to be followed in the preparation is:

  • Cut the mushroom into small pieces and you can use the rubber mallet to cut the hard mushroom.
  • The water and alcohol acts as effective in extracting the nutrients from the mushroom
  • Use the commercial coffee grinder to chop the small pieces of mushroom

You can make the mushroom tincture in the home by using the food canning jar and the jar inexpensive which provides the air tight seals where the jar has different sizes. Add the chopped mushroom in the container of liquid tincture and pour the liquid of vodka in the container to fill and seal the container very tightly. Gently shake the chaga and alcohol which gets mixed and place the container of mixture in the dark and cool location for 2 months and the process of extracting nutrients from the mushroom.

Benefits and Side Effects of Chaga Mushroom

The benefits of chaga mushroom are:

  • If you consume the mushroom regularly then you will be aging very slowly and act as the anti-aging agent.
  • It helps to get rid of stones in the kidney
  • It helps to prevent the skin from darkness, rashes and wrinkles in the skin
  • It helps in protecting from the cardiovascular function and prevent from the cholesterol.
  • It contains necessary vitamin and minerals which is benefit for the health.

The side effects of the consuming the mushroom is: you may suffer from some bleeding side effects if you consuming the chaga mushroom where the mushroom contains the triterpenes. Sometime the chaga mushroom may reduce the sugar level from the body and you will be suffer from serious side effects and the symptoms of the side effects is shakiness, confusion, difficult while speaking and feels hunger. This decoctions or tinctures helps the immune cell in your body will recognize the death cell and prevent from the cancer.

Some type of mushrooms has some side effects of dry mouth, itches in the body and you must consult with the doctor about consuming the chaga mushroom which is safe and effective in use for the health and you must the dosage level of the chaga mushroom which is good for health and best solution for some health issues.

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