How to Make Your Office A More Efficient Workplace

Offices sometimes can be quite hard to work in. Other than the depressing and the dull cricket inhabited atmosphere there is also the environment where you cannot actually do any work because you cannot seem to find anything around the place. Documents are thrown all about, there are pens scattered across the desk, but none of them seems to be able to write, folders are piled up and only half of them actually contain something. How can anybody work in such an environment? The key to having an efficient workplace is order. You need to start organising your office so that you can make the best of your workspace.

The first thing you need to do is go around that office space and clear up every single type of rubbish you can find. Everything you do not need should find its place in a recycle bin or a huge plastic bag that will be taken away from your office and your way to a more efficient workplace. And do not fool yourself that you need everything in the office. There is no such thing as an “organised chaos” in a workspace environment – surely there are blank pieces of paper on the floor rolling at your feet as you read this. There is always some wasteful material in an office. Unless you are the most meticulous person on Earth, you can open a drawer and at least a third of its contents will be something unusable or outdated, and you can throw it away without worrying that you will ever need it.

While you are clearing things up, you can do some office cleaning as well. Once you sort out what you will need and what you will not, you can do a thorough job of cleaning so that you have a clean as well as efficient working environment. Refresh the office by removing all the dust that has certainly piled up somewhere around. Look for the source of that lingering odour that has been after you for weeks and months. Shine up the window so that the full force of daylight comes into the office, thus making the need for an early turning on the lamp unnecessary. This way you save energy and make for a green office as well. And speaking of green, use green cleaning products so that you do not flood your office with the chemical-filled labelled cleaners that convenient stores provide. Or why not even hire a green house cleaning company to make sure the office is spotless, and a healthier place to work at.

After all the clearing and cleaning, you can finally start organising the place. Surely not all the papers have to be outside on your desk. Find them a folder, label it if necessary, and place the folder on a visible location so that you know what went where. Repeat for every single pile of papers you are not using, and voila! Now you have an organised set of folders set upon an easily accessible shelf you can reach anytime you want. Sounds simple, but many people feel the need to keep all the folders piled up around them nonetheless. This is an unnecessary waste of space you can use for something else, not to mention that sooner or later piles of paper become quite the fire hazard, and that is something you definitely want to avoid.

Use all your drawers and cabinets efficiently. Small office appliances like scissors, staplers, tape, and so on can easily be placed in the drawer right under your hand on the desk to always be at hand, and free up space on the desktop which you can use freely instead of always having to move piles of papers and other things about. Be practical about the placement of everything and think about where it could be of quick use to you and where it will not get in your way. Once you have put an order for everything on your desk in such a way, you will never again have problems finding anything you need (until the next cluttering).

Having an organised office space means having an efficient workplace. Put an order in the office so that you have nothing in the way of your work.

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