How to Intensify Your Natural Looking Eyelashes

When you ask people what they notice first about you, they will usually say your eyes. Eyes are only of the most powerful things about a person and are even said to be the window to the soul. Eyes are naturally beautiful but there are things you can do to intensify the beauty and radiance of the eyes.

One way to improve the natural beauty of your eyes is to use good mascara. The right mascara can completely change the look of your eyelashes. Eyelashes are great enhancers of the color and shape of your eyes. Eyelashes are naturally light in color and usually fairly thin. Even those with dark hair tend to have light eyelashes or light tips that make them appear shorter. For some, eyelashes are short and stubby and do nothing to help enhance the look of your eyes.

A great way to make your eyelashes longer, stronger, and more beautiful is to use lash extensions. It used to be that you could get lash extensions but they were expensive, time consuming, and sometimes didn’t last. There are products now that make lash extensions possible and affordable like lash intensifying mascaras. WUNDER2 has a family of products that are reliable and affordable that makes everyday beauty regimens easy and beautiful. WUNDEREXTENSIONS is one of these products that actually deliver on what it promises. The lash extensions are a high powered flexible gel-like formula that locks onto your natural lashes and locks color and thickness for up to 72 hours. The formula is more like a lash stain, resistant to smudging, flaking, and running and is applied in one easy step. The application process is nothing special, just like any other mascara application.

WUNDEREXTENSIONS gives a dramatic look to your natural eyelashes that makes them look and feel completely natural. The thickening formula gives dimension and makes your natural eyes look bigger and brighter. WUNDEREXTENSIONS can also be used as a primer for your favorite mascaras, adding extra length and volume before you apply the finished top coat. The best part about WUNDEREXTENSIONS is that it lasts for up to three days of intensive wear. It won’t budge or smudge and your lashes will remain voluptuous and defined for even longer. Its weather proof too, so rain, snow, heat, or humidity wont affect the look of the WUNDEREXTENSIONS.

WUNDEREXTENSIONS are a safe and cost effective alternative to having permanent eye lash extensions or having your eyelashes dyed. Even expensive treatments on eyelashes don’t always last but with this product, you’re guaranteed to have great looking results for up to three days, maybe even longer in some cases. Stop wasting time, energy, and money on products that don’t last. Make your eyes pop with beautiful eyelashes that are defined, voluptuous, and beautiful with lash extensions. For more information about WUNDEREXTENSIONS and the family of products that WUNDER2 has to offer, visit and

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