How to Do a Sales Pitch in Commercial Real Estate

A tough competition persists in the real estate industry with the involvement of many intermediate agents and brokers. Both the requirement and demand is rapidly increasing in the commercial real estate market. A good reliable service associated with user-friendly relationship with customers often yields success. A planned presentation bounded with market knowledge is essentially important to achieve success in real estate industry.

Planned presentation techniques

The presentation plays a vital role in attracting customers towards real estate business. The sales pitch or presentation should address the customer needs in a lucid manner. Before preparing a presentation, the presenter should analyse the needs of the customer.

A preliminary interactive session with the customers helps to understand the needs of the people. Depending upon the requirement and need, plan should be proposed and presented. A well-structured and clear plan definitely attracts more customers towards business.

Market knowledge matters

The presenter must possess good market knowledge about the real estate industry. The presenter should aware of all parameters pertaining to commercial real estate market. The presenter should be in a position to solve all customer queries related to real estate transactions.

The negotiation factors such as unstable cash flow and mortgage payment pressures should be addressed in a lucid manner. The building operating cost is another factor which is often addressed by the clients. The presenter should provide prompt information about the depreciation value and operating costs of the asset.

The factors related to unstable tenancy mix and tenanted conflicts should be clearly explained to the customers. The need for refurbishment of the property should be intimated clearly before pursuing the transaction. All these information provides customer satisfaction and gives a clear picture about the ongoing business transaction.

An eagle eye on competitive properties

At times the competitive properties surrounding us may distract our customers away from us. The main attractive features of the competitor’s property should be understood and those features should be negotiated appropriately.

The local market awareness is a major advantage in any real estate presentation or sales pitch. The presentation should be seen as the best knowledge solution to the existing problem.

Visualized images

Photographic presentation and slide shows are ideal ways of presentation which conveys more information to the clients. A visualized image attracts more attention than theoretical way or presentation. Assets related to building and residential homes require computer slide show presentations.

The computer slide shows render accurate and reliable information to the buyers. Any alterations required can be easily suggested on seeing these computerized images. The buyers can have a clear picture about the property which they are going to buy. Proper testimonials should be provided which are relevant to the property transaction.

The previous history related to the asset should be explained clearly which in turn yields a clear picture regarding the legal aids. A reasonable selling price should be quoted to the customers. The brokerage cost and document charges should be clearly informed in advance. The legal-free document should be presented in a brief manner so the buyer can have a clear picture about the asset.

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