How to Choose the Best Leather Gloves?

There is a wide variety of leather made gloves and leather always has a hidden sign of perfectness in it. Finding the perfect glove is quite difficult but not as much as it seems to be. There is a thin line of difference between good quality gloves and less good quality gloves so yeah, it is the main hard work of the person to find that difference and get the better one.

By understanding that thin line you can finally play your cards perfectly and make a better decision. So here, in this article, we will tell you how to choose the best leather gloves for yourself without making it much hectic from Ayaan leather shop.

Leather and its types

Leather is basically made from different skins of different animals. The quality differs from different skin types because it is natural. Various types of leathers are mentioned below along with their features.

Cow Skin

Cowhide one of the most common types of leathers that are used nowadays for manufacturing of gloves. Leather gloves up from the cowhide are mostly long lasting, very comfortable and normal priced. They hold the resistance as high as you can imagine. If compared to other skins, cow skin is warmer thus makes warmer gloves than other leathers

Pig Skin

Pig skin is one of the amazing leathers because of its special type of porous texture in the skin that makes it more durable to the gas exchange. When you use the gloves made up from the pig hide, they will become softer and quite easy to use and when damped, they get stiff. It can easily get laundered without even losing the original shape or its functions.

Deer Skin

Deer hide gets it fame for being softest and the most comfortable leather as compared to other leathers. Moreover, it is the warmest of the leathers. Deer hides are also known as “buckskin” and are flexible as compared to the cow hides.

Goat Skin

The gloves made from goat skin leather are water resistant, quite supple and abrasion proof. Because of these factors, these gloves are stronger and more durable when compared to other leather gloves.

Patterns of the leather

The pattern of the cuttings of the leather for the manufacturing of gloves is one of the most important factors to notice while buying leather gloves. Gunn Cut pattern and Clute Cut pattern are two types of patterns that need to be noticed. In gunn cut pattern, the comfort level is better and wear is amazing. This design has the ability of minimizing the stress that keeps it longer going. Whereas, Clute cut makes it easy to wear by anyone that technically makes it quite economical.

Thumb Design

It is one of the important factors to keep in mind while answering the question how to choose the best leather gloves. Straight thumb designs are most economical but they require some sort of extra stitching that technically does not allow the normal motion of your thumb. Other thumb designs like wing thumb design that allows the real movement of your thumb along with push and pull ability for a longer time.

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