Have a Dent Removed Using Paintless Dent Repair in Your Car

Ever got a dent in your car? Have you ever heard of Paintless Dent Repair? PDR as it is commonly known is widely used for minor dent repair.

You can now avoid the body shop and have a dent removed using school of painless dent removal. Paintless dent repair or PDR as it is referred to in automotive circles is a great way to have minor dents and dings removed without dragging your sled to the paint shop and killing your car’s value.

People are very savvy with spotting repainted panels these days and your cars’ factory finish is the best paint your ride will ever have. Paint and body work is often inevitable for major collision, but for minor dents, opt for the method which will save you money and time.

PDR Techs can often do most repairs at your home or work and even if your dent is in an aluminum panel or bodyline, most proficient techs can get those out too. Brian Jump, a leading PDR Tech and trainer explains: “PDR has evolved along with factory paints, and as finishes become more flexible, qualified PDR techs can now tackle more advanced damage without fear of paint cracking and distortion.” Some PDR techs will pass on bodyline or crease dents so be sure and shop around and get estimates.

Most PDR repairs are limited to dents under baseball size or away from panel edges, but once again, if you shop around and take pictures to send to would be repair companies you may be surprised with what you can get fixed and the costs.

Pricing is often just a fraction of traditional body repair and if you check references you may be able to get quality repairs done at your home or office for a great price.

Paintless dent repair has been around for over 20 years but only recently has the public become aware of its power and versatility. Auto dealers, rental agencies and many other automotive businesses use PDR regularly and take advantage of the process.

If you are seeking a dent repair company, try Google or other search engine, or you may be able to locate one in your local yellow pages.

Be sure you check references and be sure they guarantee their work. Too many people buy tools off ebay and become PDR professionals (lol) overnight, so be sure you are not one of their victims. When PDR is done right, the results are nothing short of amazing!

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