Four Important Benefits Bright Time Buddies Offer Children

A number of children fear the dark, meaning a night light is often necessary. With Bright Time Buddies, kids don’t only get a night light, but also a friend. Many feel much safer at night having a buddy alongside them. There are also four important benefits that these buddies offer, aside from making kids feel safer in the dark.

Soft Glow Light

Many night lights have a bright light that can make it distracting for kids to fall asleep. If they happen to wake up in the middle of the night, the light may also be too bright and hurt their eyes. Bright Time Buddies have a soft glow light. This means it will be easy for children to fall asleep with its light on, and waking up to the light won’t damage their eyes.

Soft Body

Night lights are typically plugged into the wall, which can be farther away from the child’s bed than he or she would like. With a soft body, a buddy can be brought to bed with the child. It can be kept close so they have light near enough to them.

Six Styles to Choose From

Not all children like the same things, so having options is always nice to see. The buddies come in six different styles, ensuring each child gets one that he or she really likes. There is a cat, dog, ladybug, owl, penguin, and unicorn, all with their own fun name. Parents can choose whichever animal their child likes best.

Easy Turn-On

Countless toys and night lights are difficult for children to turn on by themselves. Many require a difficult switch that is hard for kids to push. The buddies offer an easy turn-on option. By simply pressing the top of the buddy’s head, the light will come on as needed.

Bright Time Buddies are a one of a kind night light that brings many benefits to children. Not only do they help kids sleep at night, but the buddies also come in a variety of styles, offer a soft glow that doesn’t hurt young one’s eyes, turns on easily by little hands, and have a soft body that can be held. Every child should have a Bright Time Buddy.

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