Event Management Companies in Singapore – Using Company Events to Build a More Cohesive Team

Perhaps it started with the company Christmas party (or some other holiday party), perhaps it was a simple cook out, but the fact is that company events fulfill several important functions. All of those functions relate to the cohesion and motivation of company’s workforce and the appreciation for the customer.

The problem larger companies face, especially companies with many locations, is holding events that do the same thing as small company parties but the effort is almost always worth the cost of such events.

Motivating the Workforce

There are two types of events, those which concentrate on the workforce of a company and those which are meant to show customer appreciation. Sometimes these two are combined, but many times they are separate events.

In the case of workforce appreciation, smaller events which are held at a company’s different locations are usually more effective, but just as important as larger events which are held at a central location. These larger events are usually reserved for the management level employees of a company, and each type of event has a similar purpose.

The first is to show the company’s appreciation of the employee, but there are other reasons for throwing these parties. It increases the cohesion felt by a company’s employees and can help to impart important information in a more organic way. Most importantly, it can communicate the company’s attitude to its employees in a very effective fashion, and make sure that all employees know the importance of the attitude of the upper management of a company.

Throwing an effective event is much better than trying to teach people your company’s basic core philosophy through things such as manuals and memos. Not that there is anything wrong with memos, but they are often read and forgotten about.

Events, however, will stick in people’s minds and seep into their consciousness. This is a much better method of ensuring that your managers and employees know your core company values better, and that they act upon those values in their everyday dealings with their jobs and with your company’s most important asset, your customers.

Selling to and Showing Appreciation For The Customer

Showing appreciation to your customers is never a bad idea, and when you can combine this into sales it makes a great gesture even better. This is also possible to do at both local branches of your company and on a national level. The latter will usually take place at central locations such as trade shows and conventions.

The right presentation in these instances will not only make the customers feel valued, but it will also act as an incentive for existing customers, and a great way to introduce your brand and your products to new and potential customers.

If done properly, this can result in instant business and a long term increase in business!

Producing an effective event of either type, though, is a specialty, especially for a larger company. This is especially true of national employee conferences and larger venues where you expect to interact with existing and new customers, such as trade shows and conventions. The more thought you put into these events the better they will go, especially if you bring in the help of experts such as the Marvele Event Company Singapore.

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