How Would You Choose the Best Decorative Concrete Finishes?

Concrete has always been one of the most useful materials for home decoration. Whether it is inside or outside, concrete can help you to get your desired finish. Today, you can find some decorative concrete finishes. Gone are the days when property owners would settle for ordinary and ugly concrete finishes, as now they can create and apply different styles and designs in their concrete construction. You can use some protective layers on your concrete surface, and you can make your concrete floor durable. For example, you can choose epoxy concrete layers for your commercial floor and it can protect your floor from harmful chemical.

Decorative Concrete Finish Ideas to Choose From

Concrete is a versatile building material and it can be used for multiple applications. Now the question is that do you know how to choose the best decorative concrete finish?

Here, We Have Brought Some of The Best Concrete Finish Ideas to Choose From. Go Through the Article and Make Decisions Like A Pro:

#1. Acid Stained Concrete Finish

Acid stained concrete finish is quite popular in the field. It is prepared with permanent colors like green or brown. The solution is made of acid, salt and water, and it is added to cured concrete. The added solution makes the concrete stained and gives it a marbleized and mottled effect.

#2. Broom Finished

If you are looking for great outdoor decorative concrete finishes, you can opt for broom finished concrete. It looks best on sidewalks and driveways. As the name suggests, the design is created by dragging the broom on the surface and the finish is quite popular among homeowners.

The best part is that the finish is long-lasting and cost effective. Besides, the finish gives good traction to the users even in wet conditions. You can also add colored pigment to give it a different look.

#3. Sand washed Concrete Finish

This is another great concrete finish idea for external use. To bring the sand wash decorative concrete finishes, you have to add small-sized particles in the mixture to prepare the surface. When the surface of the concrete slabs is washed off, it leaves a sandpaper-like uniform texture. It is a non-slippery surface and you can install such concrete surface on your poolside area.

#4. Faux Concrete Finish

The faux finish is ideal for wall and floor and it gives the surface a marble, tile or granite-like look. You can add different colors to give it a stone-like finish. If you like add wooden finishes, then you can use the wood-graining kit and give the concrete the desired look.

#5. Stamped Concrete Finish

The process of preparing stamped decorative concrete finishes is quite extensive and its outcome often depends on the way it is done. In this process, the pigment is mixed into the concrete to give it the desired colour. You can also add pigments to give the surface character and depth. Before the final stage, large rubber stamps are inserted into the wet concrete to give it a stamped finish. The surface becomes very smooth in the end and that is why you cannot choose this for pool decks.

#6. Dyed Concrete Finish

This can be one of the best decorative concrete finishes. To prepare the dyed concrete finish, you have to apply water or colored solution in the concrete. The process is quite different from acid staining, as here the dyes do not show any chemical reaction. A range of color options is available to choose from.

These are some of the best decorative concrete finishes to choose from. If you are planning to do some concrete work in your property, you can take some ideas from this. You can also search online to get more ideas on the same.

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