Get The Best Car Lease By Negotiating & Ignoring Monthly Payments

Leasing a new car has a lot of benefits. With certain limitations, you’ll always be guaranteed a working vehicle. You may find yourself paying less than you would for the actual purchase of the car, and you’re never stuck trying to sell a problem car that no one wants. Best of all, once you’ve come to the end of your lease you can get a new car quickly and easily.

If you’re thinking about leasing, here are a few important tips to consider:

Negotiate first

You don’t need to tell the dealership you plan to lease your dream car right off the bat. Instead, negotiate the price of the car first, as if you were planning to buy the car outright. Only when you have agreed on amount should you mention leasing.

This may seem unfair, but leasing is a form of financing, so don’t feel guilty about getting the best deal you can manage.

It isn’t a great deal if it’s not a great car

If you’re miserable in the car, even the best leasing deal isn’t going to make your experience a fun and happy one. Do your research before you get into a car, and don’t allow yourself to be pushed into a car you don’t enjoy. Cars that are not safe or not right for your needs can also make your time with the car much less enjoyable.

Don’t just look at the monthly payments

If the salesperson is only concerned about the monthly payments, and won’t talk to you about the full financial picture of the vehicle, take that as a red flag. The monthly payments will shield you from the true cost of the vehicle.

Don’t let the salesman “help” you do the math either. Go through the math yourself to make sure that you fully understand what the lease will cost you in the end.

Look for deals

Sometimes, when a particular car is selling poorly, the manufacturers of that car will subsidise it in order to help clear out the inventory. It’s bad news for the manufacturers, but great news for you if it’s a car you like. You can get a much better deal on a good quality car this way.

Just make sure you do that research we talked about earlier, to make sure you don’t want the car for the same reason other customers are reluctant to buy it.

When you’re leasing a car, you’re giving up ownership of the car. That can be a perk—you’re only paying for the depreciation of the vehicle, not the cost of the vehicle itself, so you can often get better vehicles than you could otherwise afford.

The downside of course, is that you don’t own the vehicle, and you may have to pay for any dings and scratches the car picks up along the way.

Another way to find a good deal is to search for local auto lease dealers on Google. Simply call or visit as many leasing companies in your local radius and ask them how much the car you want costs. Don’t forget to get all the financial details as we discussed above.

As long as you go into the lease fully understanding what you are getting, leasing is an enjoyable and cost effective method to keep you mobile.

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