8 Indian Startups That Have Invested In Great UI/UX Design

It is no secret that user interface and experience has been grossly neglected by most Indian companies for several years. UI/UX have very rarely found place in the priorities of conventional organizations. However, going by the current trends, it appears that this is going to radically change very soon.

India is on its way towards a startup revolution and there has been an unprecedented growth in the number of startups cropping up across the country. A common factor among the majority of these startups is their amount of attention and investment towards UI/UX design. Look at the success of the GrabOn.in, a coupons site that captured a chunk of the rapidly growing coupon market within 2 years beating several competitors because of their superior UI/UX. Check out other successful startups that bet heavily on User interface and experience.

1. Housing

When it comes to UI innovation, Housing does rank really high and for good reason. Housing immediately acquired most of the rent and property discovery market with their minimal but beautifully designed website and app.

2. Zomato

Zomato clicked almost instantly with users across India largely due to their appealing and functional design. Having acquired companies overseas, Zomato is already a global player.

3. Myntra

Before they became a mobile app only service, Myntra had one of the best designed websites in Indian e-commerce space. Their mobile app is still one of the best in terms of design and functionality.

4. GrabOn

As mentioned earlier, GrabOn is a stellar example of how an edge in user interface and design can produce great results. GrabOn still boasts the most impressive and functional UI in the coupons and deals industry.

5. Freecharge

Freecharge boasts the best UI in the mobile recharge space. Go ahead and try recharging your phone and perhaps even some coupons for Freecharge by GrabOn and see how seamless the experience can feel.

6. Grofers

Grofers has been successful in the mobile grocery ordering space where many others have failed. The main reason for their success is how they have been able to provide a clean design while maintaining competitive catalog. Grofers fares very high with its clutter-free interface in comparison with other players.

7. Redbus

Redbus is another great example of how a service with better UI can pose serious threat to competitors. Redbus still stands as the market leader in Bus booking and it is largely owed to its minimalist, clutter free UI.

8. Jabong

In the recent years, Jabong has made some serious improvements to its interface and the results are quite remarkable. Try using some Jabong coupons to shop on the website or app to experience the ease of shopping on a user-focused service.

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